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Praise for Annika Daley

 The following business and ministry leaders endorse the life and ministry of Annika Daley. 

They witnessed first-hand the remarkable anointing, knowledge, wisdom, and heart-felt impartation from her life into others. Some are instrumental in helping Annika achieve her ministerial credentials and some are part of the team Annika ministers with in various countries. 

Each person or group is impacted by the dynamic, life-giving presence of Annika and God’s anointing on her life.   

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Dr. John P. Kelly


Annika Daley’s unique anointing brings the heart of God into the souls of those searching for truth and emotional healing. Her message on forgiveness sets the captives free and heals the soul from various forms of abuse. 

Annika was a great success in the marketplace mountain. She is both a motivational speaker and teacher of business principles that will lead you to success. 

High-level apostolic leaders in Central and South America have experienced Annika’s powerful transformative ministry, and highly endorse her. 

I strongly recommend the ministry of Annika for your conference, business training, women’s meetings, or church service. 

Dr. John P. Kelly

International Convenor of International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders /


Dyke Rogers, Entreprenuer


"Annika is amazing with women of all ages. She explains the importance of compassion and forgiveness in overcoming abuse, weaving those principles into her own story.

I never seen anything quite like the response Annika evokes as she ministers. She doesn’t leave a dry eye or an unmoved heart as her audience experiences freedom and release."

Dyke Rogers,

Rogco Management LLC 



Dr. Ron Cottle


I have known Annika Daley for about a decade and found her to be a godly woman of vision and energy. Her world-wide ministry is two-fold:  Helping women and others overcome abuse by the power of forgiveness is the first part. 

Her own powerful story is moving and unforgettable. 

The second part of her ministry is as a successful entrepreneur: Doing Business God’s Way. In this she is also part of a powerful panel of business founders and leaders who travel the globe giving their advice and wisdom free of charge to emerging and practicing entrepreneurs in the global Church. I heartily recommend Annika! 

 She is delightful and genuine, a true servant minister of the Lord. 

Ron Cottle, Ph.D., Ed. D.

Founder, Christian Life School  of Theology



Dr. Obii Pax-Harry


"Annika Daley is a passionate apostolic and prophetic marketplace leader, vision developer, trainer and coach to entrepreneurs. 

She believes the marketplace is to be occupied by Christian entrepreneurs not as competitors.but as those who establish value systems of heaven in business arenas for sustainable growth and ongoing transformation. 

but as those who establish value systems of heaven in business arenas for sustainable growth and ongoing transformation. 

I believe her website will be a rich resource center for those seeking deeper knowledge on developing framework for success in ministry, business and home-front.

I highly recommend her and also her website."

Obii Pax-Harry

Apostolic Leader, Kingdom Advancers Apostolic Network




Dr. John Polis


“There are many great women who have accomplished amazing things in life, Annika Daley is one of them. Doing business God’s way and biblical entrepreneurship is her message in the Marketplace following a successful career as founder of a thriving business. 

Her message in the church is on the power of forgiveness and recovery from abusive situations, healing accompanies her passionate message of God’s love.

Annika is an Ordained Minister with Revival Fellowship International and travels nationally and internationally sharing her life, knowledge, and experience. Anyone who hosts Annika will want to have her back again.”


Dr. John Polis, President

Revival Fellowship International